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Michael Kaufmann
Secretary general - Tobias Tree Foundation

Tobias Tree Foundation is developing an easily accessible, user friendly and extremely fast application, Tobias Tree, where doctors and researchers in difficult situations can establish fast, direct and efficient contact with medical colleagues around the world.


The idea came to me during my son Tobias long struggle with a rare form 0f leukaemia, a struggle that ended on October 18th 2016. During one of several long periods in intensive care, in a situation when the doctors didn’t know what had caused the acute, life-threatening complication, I put a desperate question to one of the doctors:

“Why not just send a question out into the world?

My thought was that maybe, just at that moment, there was another patient, on the other side of the world, who was struggling in the same way as my son. Maybe another doctor, just that day or the week before, had already found a way to deal with the problem! But the reply came back:

“Well, that’s not really how it works.”

Today doctors search for information in thesis and case studies on the web but the information found there is often several years old. Many specialists have email or Facebook groups that can be more efficient, but the chance of getting a quick answer for an urgent question is not high and the level of secrecy is low or non-existant. The fastest way to try to get an answer is to visit the next specialist conference – sometime within the coming year.

With Tobias Tree the chance to save lives increases, as the request can be sent in a matter of seconds and no matter where in the world it may be found, the answer can be given in the blink of an eye.

How does Tobias Tree work?

Tobias Tree is a readily accessible userfriendly application for medical professionals across the globe.

Tobias Tree will provide instant access to specialists worldwide. It can be used in emergency situations and for areas where doctors have little or no access to specialist help.

Tobias Tree is owned by the Tobias Tree Foundation based in Stockholm, Sweden and is an entirely non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation.


Tobias Tree Foundation is now open for donations!

For donations from Sweden you can use either:

Bankgiro: 529-1034
Swish 1230818757

For donations from outside Sweden:

IBAN: SE69 6000 0000 0005 3093 8111

As our website is still under construction, we do not yet have a web based donation form. If you want to honour someone with your donation you can receive a unique personal card with a suitable text. Please send the text you want us to print on the card in an e-mail. Don’t forget the address to were the card is to be sent.


Michael Kaufmann