Tobias Tree

What is Tobias Tree?

All highly specialized doctors will on occasion face unusual and life-threatening cases where the treatment is not obvious. That’s when Tobias Tree will step in to help you find the colleagues who might have a solution. 

The Tobias Tree branches reach across the world. Leaves and buds are doctors and medical researchers. The App allows you to send alerts or urgent questions to specific groups of sub-specialists. Their relevant experiences and the latest findings will reach you in an instant.

Tobias Tree also connects doctors in remote places and disaster or conflict areas (RDC) with specialists around the world.

One branch of Tobias Tree is especially designed for non-specialist doctors in areas where there is little or no access to specialist help – RDC, (Remote places, Disaster and Conflict areas). The App will allow these doctors to send out questions but will not necessarily allow them to receive alerts from others or to give advice. 

How does Tobias Tree work?

Tobias Tree is very easy to use and at the same time extremely confidential and cyber-safe. 

During registration, on this website, you are asked to identify your qualifications. Since there are different systems used across the world to categorize medical specialities and subspecialties, it can be difficult to find the area you are looking for. To avoid this problem, we have created our own collated catalogue of areas of special knowledge. Use it to find the subspecialities/areas of special knowledge that best correspond to your qualifications. You can pick as many as you need. The areas of special knowledge you register are the ones for which you will receive questions. You will always be able to send questions to any areas of special knowledge, not just your own. When you have registered, we contact your place of work to confirm your good faith. You will then be invited to download the Tobias Tree App and to create a free account with SecureMailbox, a platform for extremely secure e-mail communication used by e.g. institutions and hospitals. When we have approved your participation Tobias Tree is ready for use.

Why is there a need for Tobias Tree?

There are indeed some systems for communication between doctors, but Tobias Tree is the only one which includes all existing medical subspecialities, and where doctors who don’t not know each other can get in touch instantly. The level of security also by far exceeds most other systems. Extreme efforts have been put into living up to GDPR etc.