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Who can take part in Tobias Tree?

Tobias Tree is open to specialized doctors and researchers. The competence of each participant must be confirmed by a recognised institution. This confirmation will be checked by us and renewed regularly. If a participant has changed their place of work, the new institution will be contacted. In cases of suspension from the place of work on medical or ethical grounds, the participant will also be suspended from Tobias Tree. This is in order to ensure that there are only certified doctors and researchers in the network. 

How do I join Tobias Tree?

Apply directly here on our website. If you want to recommend Tobias Tree to a colleague, please direct him or her to this website, or send us a note and we will invite your colleague.

What does participation in Tobias Tree cost?

No doctor or institution should have to opt out of participating in Tobias Tree for financial reasons. Therefore, participation is free of charge. The work of Tobias Tree Foundation is entirely financed by donations. We welcome private, commercial and other contributions.

Rules for participation

Naturally, all case details must be anonymised. In every case it is the doctor’s responsibility to get permission from the patient or their relatives to use Tobias Tree. Applicable privacy regulations must always be respected.

Only questions to which the answers are not easily found may be sent. Doctors in RDC-areas may also send questions concerning simpler cases.

It is always the doctor responsible for the patient who is responsible for the treatment. Advice might be given by other doctors in Tobias Tree, but the final decision on what to do must be taken by the attending doctor.

Tobias Tree Foundation is under no circumstances responsible for the medical advice given through its application. No one in the administration of Tobias Tree has access to the actual communication around the cases.

Tobias Tree Foundation is an entirely non-political and non-religious organization. This means that no participant, hospital, institution, financier, country or group of countries can have any say on the participation of any other participant, institution or country. The only reason for not being granted access to, or for being excluded from, Tobias Tree is if a doctor or institution is deemed not to be conducting serious medico-scientific research or not undertaking ethical medical care.

Only your name and e-mail will be visible for other users. All other information is for us to verify your identity in our system.
    Important: Please pick the areas of special knowledge that best correspond to your qualifications. Pick as many as you need. Note that some areas of special knowledge are to be found under more than one speciality. It is enough to pick just one of them. For an overview of our list of areas of special knowledge, click here.